Nowadays, As customers in special industries have increased requirements for the use of rugged tablet PCs, so that the products of rugged tablet PCs continue to enter the sight of ordinary people. With the rapid development of China's "Motor Vehicle, Beidou Satellite, Maritime" and other industries, rugged tablet PC will play a greater role and promote the growth of the corresponding industry. In addition, because the requirements of customers in the special industry are also constantly improving, in order to better meet the customer's use standards, there are some new development prospects for the rugged tablet PC. Under the general trend, what will be the future development direction of rugged tablet PC?

All along, the military reinforced tablet PC is mainly used in special industries such as military, police and other special industries. Due to the special requirements of the corresponding industry, it is also limited by the difficulties of its developing cycle and heat dissipation, which promotes the relatively large gap between the reinforced tablet PC and the commercial and consumer tablet products in platform performance indicators. All rugged tablet PC products produced by most domestic rugged notebook manufacturers, whether in terms of platform, processor, graphics card, or running memory and hard disk performance index configuration, will lag behind commercial and consumer products 1-2 year. Considering the use of rugged tablet PC products, it is necessary to effectively cope with the test of a variety of harsh use environments. The test of being able to adapt to the "temperature environment" is a crucial indicator. More and more scientific research personnel need to cope with the harsh test brought by the low temperature environment on ruggedized computer products. At this stage, there are only a few rugged tablet PCs produced by Chinese manufacturers, which can power the machine through the body battery in a minus 40 degree environment. Responding to the test of ultra-low temperature environment is a difficult task for major notebook manufacturers, and it is also one of the trends that everyone must face.

The problem of magnetic compatibility is the difficulty of most tablet PCs. Breakthrough in electromagnetic compatibility is a long-standing problem of such products. Many manufacturers of rugged tablet PCs are constantly seeking breakthroughs and surpassing at this point. At this stage, some manufacturers in China can meet the ground specifications of the GJB151A Army in terms of electromagnetic compatibility, but it is only a handful that truly realizes industrial mass production. Because achieving these depends on independent and profound design and research and development capabilities. In addition, it needs a large industrialized factory to finally achieve it. The new standard of users on electromagnetic compatibility has become more and more prominent, and it has become another development prospect of rugged products.