The importance of industrial tablet computer in automobile industry
Application and important role of industrial tablet in the industry:
With the advancement and development of intelligence, the automobile industry is also on the rise, and the role of industrial tablet computers in the reform is beyond doubt. For the automobile industry, it will be an industrial revolution. Simply speaking, on the basis of the existing navigation service, entertainment experience and other functions of the whole car, the application of intelligent flat-panel terminal is increased to realize the integration and optimization of auto exhibition business and car owner application.
Now it is often mentioned that the concept of "smart car" actually means to upgrade the hardware and software of the car, so that the car has a brain like a person to execute instructions and make independent judgments. That is, based on the industrial tablet computer terminal, assisted by the location information, combined with the mobile Internet technology, through the industrial tablet terminal + system + cloud service mode, combined with the design of the vehicle and related sensor applications, even if the driver can better understand the vehicle condition and road condition information, he can also provide comprehensive vehicle and personnel information to the vehicle manager through the vehicle communication and background system Improve the communication between drivers and help the 4S store to improve the efficiency. Improve management efficiency.
In this way, it can realize the seamless docking among automobile users, automobile manufacturers and 4S stores in an all-round way, and achieve the information synchronization function. It can also help automobile 4S stores increase more marketing value and realize the progress of automobile industry.